Frequently Asked Questions

...and answers to these FAQs

Should I use sunscreen with MMSkincare?

Marmur Metamorphosis skincare are sophisticated moisturizers and skin wellness beauty therapy products... not sunscreen. Dr. Marmur advises using sunscreen of SPF over 30 every day of the year.  

Is MMSkincare for men or women?

...and teens! MMSkincare is formulated for all skin types, light and dark, dry and oily. For ages 10-110 years, MMSkincare clinical research studies included a wide range of skin types. The anatomy of the skin and it’s dynamic abilities are similar from a very early age and throughout life. MMSkincare is formulated by Dr. Ellen Marmur, an experienced dermatologist who has treated over 40,000 patients and has conducted numerous research studies on acne, psoriasis, sun damage, and genetics of skin aging.  The MM Dynamic Essence is our core cocktail of ingredients, safe and effective in men, women and children above 10 years of age.

Can I wear makeup with MM Serum or MM Mask?

The MM serum is an incredibly innovative texture that feels hydrating yet invisible providing a wonderful primer layer over which makeup and sunscreen wear beautifully.

Our favorite makeup artists apply the MM Masks to the face, neck, and chest for 20 minutes to prime the skin with active ingredients, lasting hydration, eliminating dry flakiness, and reducing the appearance of wrinkles. Using two layers of serum is a great trick to prevent makeup from irritating skin and allows the makeup remover to work better, preventing the need for scrubbing or harsh foaming cleansers.

How long will my regimen last?

MM Balance, Repose, and Revive serums may be used together or one at a time. The 30mL bottle of serum is meant to last one month when using 1-2 pumps of serum applied to the face, neck, and decolletage both morning and night. You will be happy to see that the serum spreads generously and has an impressive balm in gel texture with a quick finish that feels secure and comfortable. We recommend you purchase 2 bottles so you never run out!

The MM Masks are luxurious and may be applied for 20 minutes and beyond. They are one time usage, for one person. Just like sharing makeup may have risks, also sharing masks may, too. One of our favorite tips is to apply one pump of serum first to the skin and then immediately apply the MM Mask for a super hydrating, super wonderful treatment. Our patients call that a skin hug.


Are MM products gluten free?

Our products are mindfully formulated from plant based ingredients and sourced to be gluten free, vegan, and with an extensive free from list. MM brand is called Galactic Beauty because we believe that every moment of our lives has an impact on others. We strive to be responsible, with a minimal energy footprint, using the most natural available ingredients with the most sustainability.

Are MM products animal tested?

We love animals and would never test our products on them! Dr. Marmur’s chocolate labrador retriever, Cocoa Puff, would probably find the serums and masks, full of naturally sourced and safe ingredients, delicious to eat, but we made these products for humans and tested only on consenting humans.

Are there any adverse reactions?

Marmur Metamorphosis products have been tested for safety and stability and are formulated with gentle ingredients, free from parabens, sulfates and many other potentially irritating ingredients. (Please see our extensive Free From list.) If you experience an irritation or skin reaction, please send a photo and description to